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Girls Night Panty
Girls Night Panty
Girls Night Panty

Girls Night Panty



Heavy leaks & weak bladder control. 20-50mls absorbency


Girls night panty can be worn every night to give your little boy the
confidence & support he needs to get over the bed wetting stage. Discrete enough to be used during the day as normal underwear if necessary with the added benefit of never having to worry about little leaks that may happen from time to time.


The design & cut of the Night Panty is made for extra comfort while sleeping or moving.
Body-hugging contouring allows your body to stretch, breath & perspire naturally even when the underwear is damp. Discrete enough to be worn under clothing. Additional support & padding in the crotch, back and front area for extra confidence during long nights and busy days. There is no need for disposables underwear, Sneeze Weez Night Panty can be worn and washed over and over again.


1) First layer is a moisture wicking & quick drying fabric that keeps the body dry throughout the night, no matter how many leaks occur.

2) The second double microfibre toweling layer has double absorbency which stops any moisture from escaping and keeps the skin dry.

3) The third Invisible waterproofing layer prevents any moisture from escaping through onto clothing or sheets.

4) Extended padding in the front & back of the underwear.

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Dont let little leaks interrupt your life.