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Mens & Womens Incontinence Underwear. Period & Leak Proof. 20-80ml Capacity. Sizes SML - 5XL
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Sport Bikini - Black
Sport Bikini - Black
Sport Bikini - Black

Sport Bikini - Black



Medium protection. Suitable for larger leaks that may re-occur during exercise as well as heavy period overflow.  30-50mls Absorbency.


As pre or post period panties, LBL underwear should be used in conjunction with period cups, tampons or pads. For little to large leaks, our undies are designed for light bladder leakage and weak bladder control, 15mls - 80mls depending on the underwear's capabilities.

The Fabric:

Many fabrics were tested prior to us settling on the sneeze weez combination.  Our underwear is designed for leaks from 15mls to 80mls. Regrettably, they are not designed for "full release i.e 150mls -300mls. If a larger than normal leak does occur, the liquid may slightly seep around the side of the underwear to the front, creating a water mark. This is to be expected, but the most important thing to remember is that it will NOT show through onto  clothing

Washing and caring for your undies;

Here are some tips to prevent odour or staining on your underwear. Soiled underwear should be rinsed in warm water prior to normal machine washing. If the undies cannot be rinsed or dry without rinsing, simply soak in a bucket of water with some baking soda for a few hours prior to the normal washing with warm water and soap.

We would like more than anything for our underwear to help you, so if you have any concerns, questions or complaints please do not hesitate to contact us at and we will address your issues promptly.



Sneeze Weez Sport Bikini Panty’s are made from soft, durable Polyester & spandex fabric blend. Soft elastic waistband that hugs the body that does not cut into your skin. With the added bonus of soft cotton stitching to prevent any scratching or irritation.

As well as stopping sweat & odour, our moisture proof underwear will stop any liquid from escaping through. Ensuring that no marks will not reach your outer garments. 


Designed as a high waist bikini with a soft cotton waistband to hug the body while you move & stretch. Will not bunch up or creep into the buttocks. Additional support in the crotch area for extra confidence during days on the run. These fabulous little undies are very popular for young & old alike and are great for everyday wear.


1) First layer is a moisture wicking & quick drying fabric that keeps the body dry throughout the day, no matter how many leaks occur.

2) The second microfiber towelling layer has double absorbency which stops any moisture from escaping and keeps the skin dry.

3) The third Invisible waterproofing layer prevents any moisture from escaping through onto clothing.

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