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Mens & Womens Incontinence Underwear. Period & Leak Proof. 20-80ml Capacity. Sizes SML - 5XL
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Our Story

I'm not a fancy business woman. I don't write blog’s and my web site won't bedazzle you with empowering articles about inspiring woman. Like you, I'm just a normal woman with normal issues. I wanted to create underwear that fits my slightly rounder bum. Underwear with shape that hugs my legs instead of creeping up over my butt cheeks. Panties that cover my tummy roll, reminding me that I am a proud & caring mother. And finally, I want to create panties that make me look and feel sensual, even though some where along the way I have forgotten that I am still a beautiful woman.

I wanted men, women and children to feel safe, secure and normal when they wear Sneeze Weez and Undeez.

I know that there are many companies selling underwear for menstrual days, bladder leaks and “nappy pants” for older gentlemen's problems. It didn't worry me. I thought to myself, “McDonald's are the biggest burger chain in the world. It doesn't mean that their burgers are the best?”

Like all of my products, I designed Sneeze Weez and Undeez out of the necessity of my own needs.
My mother is an 82 year old dynamo. I found that the only thing that was getting her down was the light bladder leaks that she had started to experience. Like most of us, she did not want to talk to anyone about her developing condition. I knew that she absolutely dreaded the idea of wearing anything that implied that she had a problem. I started to look around for solutions and to my surprise, I found several good options. However, I found that the underwear available was mainly focused on menstrual solutions. The designs traditional, meaning they were a little too sexy for her age group, and the overall functionality did not meet her needs. Even though they claim to suit all ages.

By this stage, I realised that there was very little out there for men, women or children that could be categorised as “normal daily” protective underwear. Normal underwear that could be worn after surgery, prostate cancer or when you go into have your baby? Underwear for the gym or if the little monster wants to sleep over at Grannies. If you suffer from PMD and have the dreaded toilet dribble, urinary tract infections or simply a recurring discharge? Underwear for when you sneeze, cough or laugh? Everyday underwear?

On a trip overseas, it finally happened to me. A “sneeze wee?. I was mortified? I realised then, that I too was falling into the unspoken sector of people who suffer from the dreaded sneeze wee, toilet dribble or sleepover accident.
My mission started that day to design comfortable, functional underwear that not only looked and felt like normal underwear. Underwear that actually absorbed any excess liquid and kept the body dry ”as promised”.

It has taken 2 years of perfecting the functionality and the design, and I am finally ready to share my underwear with you.
I am sure that you will instantly love the superior quality and functionality. No one will know the difference when you wear them except you. And I promise you that you will never want to wear anything else again.

If you do not love our underwear when it arrives. Please return the unused product to us and we will refund you, excluding P&H with no questions asked. Please remember to give us a review, good or bad. We love to hear back from



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