Eva Fresh Fabric Pre Cleaner

Eva Fresh Fabric Pre Cleaner

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Have you found that the smell in your undies simply will not wash out ? Even if you wash them immediately after use, the lingering odour is often noticeable.  This is due to the weave in the ultra protect padding which is designed to be highly absorbent. Giving you all day comfort and protection. Eva Fresh Pre Cleaner is designed to remove bad odours and keep your underwear fresher for longer. Which in the long run helps the efficacy of your underwear as well as the longevity of its use.

Only a few sprays of Eva Fresh on the affected area will remove & sanitise bad odours, making your underwear ready to be washed.

Simply spray onto underwear and allow to sit for at least 15 minutes and let Eva Fresh do it magic. The ingredients in Eva Fresh break down bodaly odours and remove bacteria that would normally remain in the fabric. Even with boiling water, it is often impossible to completely remove odours and stains from fabric. Once Eva Fresh has had enough time to break the odour down, simply place onto the wash as usual. There is no need to wash immediately if you not be ready, simply spray Eva Fresh and place your undies into the wash bin. No odours no worries. It is advised to spray Eva Fresh on your underwear immediately after use to avoid any lingering odours. 

One bottle of Eva Fresh contains 800 sprays which will last you for 100 pairs of undies. Wash your underwear in a cool/warm wash as usual, using any fabric detergent. It is not advised to use fabric softener when washing our underwear. You are able to tumble dry on a warm wash.

Carry EVA FRESH with you where ever you go in our handy little discrete 30ml bottle. If you are out and about, simply spray Eva Fresh onto your undies and you will smell fresh as a daisy. 

Eva Fresh is safe on skin and can be used on fabric or as a odour absorber for air born odours.


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Can Sneeze Weez and Undeez be worn by all ages?

At Sneeze Weez & Undeez we know that everyone suffers with varied levels of discomfort. From minor “sneeze Weez to larger leaks or heavy period days.
This is why we have designed underwear to suit each and every individual need.
Sneeze Weez and Undeez are designed for children with night wetting to the older male or female who is experiencing weak pelvic floor issues and bladder control. There is no need to feel ashamed or concerned about the underwear you need to solve your issues.

Can Sneeze Weez replace pads & tampons?

Sneeze Weez is actually not designed to replace menstrual products. Unlike our competitors, we still believe that you need to wear a sanitary towels or tampon in conjunction with our protective underwear. This for hygiene as well as confidence. When wearing Sneeze Weez during your period or when you are not sure of the day you start to menstruate, you feel extra confident and secure in the fact that you are wearing protective underwear with invisible padding that will not allow ANY moisture to escape.


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